South Meadows and Veterans Parkway intersection construction.

Construction of the Huffaker Narrows Bridge.

SouthEast Connector Project Team

Construction of the Mira Loma Bridge.

Veterans Memorial Bridge completed in August 2014

Photographic Rendering: Mira Loma intersection looking northwest

Photographic Rendering: Mira Loma Bridge looking southeast from Herons Landing subdivision

Photographic Rendering: Yori Drain/wetlands looking west from above the Hidden Valley water tank.

Photographic Rendering: Huffaker Narrows Bridge over Alexander Lake Road looking east.

Truckee River Bridge rendering looking north towards Sparks from Clean Water Way.

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The SouthEast Connector is a Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County road improvement project located in Reno, Nevada. The project includes construction of a new 5.5 mile arterial road, seven bridges, two signalized intersections and a multi-use path for recreational users. The project also includes environmental and safety enhancements. The new roadway, will be dedicated Veterans Parkway, and will be three lanes in each direction with a posted speed limit of 45 MPH.

The project is slated for substantial completion this summer.

Please, No Trespassing

With the public’s safety in mind, the project team would like to remind everyone that the SouthEast Connector is an active construction zone at all times, and only authorized personnel are allowed on the project site. Flying drones over the project is also prohibited by law as the project lies within five miles of the airport. Following the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, model-aircraft operators flying within five miles of an airport must obtain permission from the airport and control tower to fly. Please do your part in keeping our project a safe work zone, for your protection and the construction crews, and do not trespass on the project site.