October 6, 2017

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Extension of Mira Loma Large Arch Culvert Begins

Excavation near Mira Loma Drive to make room for extension of the arch culvert.

Dear Stakeholder:

The project team began work this week on the extension of the six-celled arch culvert at Mira Loma Drive. To make this possible, the water that typically flows through this area has been temporarily diverted to the smaller three-celled arch culvert located on the west end of the golf course. The culvert will be extended approximately 50 feet to allow Mira Loma Drive to be widened at the new intersection. Once the culvert extension is completed, construction of the intersection will begin. Mira Loma Drive will remain open for construction; however, a brief closure may be needed this winter for utility work. Advanced notifications will be provided if a closure occurs.

Upcoming: Active Traffic Signals at Pembroke/SEC Intersection

Beginning October 17, the traffic signals at the Pembroke Drive and SouthEast Connector (Veterans Parkway) intersection will be active. The SouthEast Connector roadway between Pembroke Drive and Sparks Boulevard will not be opened to the public, but the traffic lights will be working for construction equipment and vehicles to cross the intersection without the need of flaggers. Please use caution while driving through the intersection and be aware of the new signals.


For more information please call the project hotline at (775) 789-9832 or email Info@SouthEastConnector.com.  For additional information and to sign-up to receive updates visit SouthEastConnector.com

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