October 17, 2016

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SouthEast Connector Project Storm Update

Dear Stakeholder:

Due to record rainfall in the Truckee Meadows over the weekend, waterways within the project site of the SouthEast Connector have risen and some excess water has collected.

All excess water within the project limits was contained within natural waterways or drainage areas and there was no damage to neighboring homes or businesses.

There will be a minor impact on the project schedule as crews allow excess water to drain naturally and absorb into the soil before resuming work.

The project site contained numerous environmental controls or what are commonly called Best Management Practices (BMPs).  While some of the BMPs were overrun with floodwater, the redundancy that was implemented as part of the overall project BMP plan appears to have worked.  Floodwater that entered the project appears to have remained on-site as evidenced by the intact berms and silt fences lining the project edges.  Additionally the Turbidity Curtains floating within the waterways mostly remained intact.  A couple of Turbidity Curtains were damaged during the storm, but the backup Turbidity Curtains remained in place.  The purpose of the turbidity curtains is to prevent debris and contamination from flowing downstream.

All indications point to potential contamination being isolated and remaining within the BMPs.  No oil, fuel, or lubricants appear to have leaked from the machinery.  The product used within the portable toilets is a non-hazardous, biodegradable material.  It was determined the portable toilets were also cleaned Friday afternoon leaving no waste in them during the weekend storm.  The majority of the surface soil containing mercury had already been removed from its original location and stockpiled on site within the BMPs.  The stockpiles of soil containing mercury did not experience any damage from the floodwaters.

While images of the flood impacted project appear dramatic, a preliminary assessment shows the BMP plan was successful.

For Project Inquiries CONTACT:  Joe Harrington, RTC Public Information Officer, (775) 848-9062

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