May 6, 2016

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Springtime Wildlife on the SouthEast Connector Project

Dear Stakeholder:

New and existing wildlife are abundant on the SouthEast Connector Project as the team prepares for springtime operations. The RTC and Granite Construction are dedicated to protecting all project inhabitants and their habitats with increased protection measures including high visible fencing, comprehensive bird surveys and increased job walks and documentation with team biologists.

Nearly three weeks ago, project archaeologists found an active killdeer nest in the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course. After notifying and consulting with the project biologists, Granite Construction installed a 50-foot buffer to protect the species until they hatch and leave the site. Nesting bird surveys, as identified in the project’s Avian and Bat Protection Plan, are also conducted bi-weekly during the nesting season and prior to any construction.

While excavating near Steamboat Creek at Mira Loma Drive, construction crews came across a muskrat nest and, after consulting with the project biologists, carefully moved it and all of its tiny inhabitants to a safer area along the creek.

“It’s about more than just doing the right thing,” said Brian Roll, Granite Construction Project Manager. “Granite has made a commitment to the community to conserve resources and protect all land, water, air and wildlife.”

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