May 26, 2017

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Willows Planted at Wetlands Complex

Willows are being planted along the mitigated wetlands complex between Clean Water Way and Pembroke Drive. Willows provide many environmental benefits including protection for wildlife, flood reduction, carbon sequestration and phytoremediation, or the use of plants to naturally clean contaminants in the environment. This 80-acre wetlands complex, designed as part of the project, will help clean the urban runoff contamination currently contained in Yori Drain before it enters Steamboat Creek and the Truckee River. More than 600 trees and other native plant species will also be planted throughout the project corridor to help restore the environment.

Reminder: Pembroke Drive Closure Coming Soon

Pembroke Drive will be closed beginning June 12 through August 6, 2017 for construction of the new SEC/Pembroke intersection. All traffic, including bicyclists and pedestrians, will detour to Mira Loma Drive. Drivers can expect slower-moving and paused traffic conditions while driving through the detour. Equipment and truck crossing at both Pembroke Drive (once reopened) and Mira Loma Drive will remain in effect with flagger control for the duration of the project. Thank you for your continued patience during this construction season!

Observing Memorial Day

The SouthEast Connector Project Team thanks our local servicemen and women this Memorial Day and remembers those who have fallen. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

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