May 11, 2018

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May 2018 Flyover Video: Celebrating our YouTube-versary!

Dear Stakeholder:

The project team has created the May 2018 flyover video showcasing Phase 2 construction progress. This month’s video marks the project’s two-year anniversary from when the first flyover video was released through YouTube in May 2016. To commemorate our anniversary, we’ve re-uploaded the May 2016 flyover along with the May 2018 video on the project website HERE.

Each video begins at the southern end of the project (Segment 1) at the current intersection of South Meadows Parkway and Veterans Parkway and concludes at the northern end of the project at the intersection of Sparks and Greg Street (Segment 4).

Major construction advancements since last month’s video include:

  • Continued excavation of mitigation basin and sloping-back of Steamboat creek bank in Segment 1
  • Poured concrete deck of the northbound Huffaker Bridge structure
  • Paved roadway approach to the Mira Loma Bridge in Segment 2
  • Increased construction of the Mira Loma intersection
  • Paved and striped multi-use path in Segment 3 through Rosewood Lakes Golf Course
  • Poured curb for median island on Boynton Slough Bridge
  • Southbound roadway striped in Segment 4
  • Striped multi-use path in Segment 4

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