March 3, 2016

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Construction Activities Increase with Help of Early Spring Weather

Granite Construction working in Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.

Granite Construction working in Rosewood Lakes Golf Course.














Dear Stakeholder:

Construction activities are rapidly progressing on the SouthEast Connector project with the help of Mother Nature and stable weather conditions.

“The warmer weather results in dryer and safer working conditions,” said Granite Project Manager Brian Roll. “This increases operations and the size of our crews, which is good for everyone.”

Major upcoming construction activities for March and April include:

  • Construction of the haul road from Mira Loma Drive south towards South Meadows Parkway.
  • Excavating trenches between Alexander Lake Road and South Meadows Parkway.
  • Dewatering from Rosewood Lakes Golf Course south to South Meadows Parkway.
  • Placing embankment for Boynton Bridge and Rosewood Lakes Golf Course Drainage culverts.
  • Temporary diversions of Steamboat Creek at Mira Loma and Huffaker Narrows.
  • Bi-weekly nesting bird surveys to protect the wildlife.
  • Pile driving at Boynton Bridge and Rosewood Lakes Drainage Bridge to form the foundations for the bridges in the Golf Course.
  • Deep soil mixing at Boynton Slough, Rosewood Lakes, Mira Loma and Huffaker Narrows Bridge locations to stabilize the ground.
  • Stripping mercury laden soil between Mira Loma Drive and Alexander Lake Road.

To stay up-to-date on construction activities, you can view the two-month schedule here. For current and upcoming traffic control, please click here.

Stakeholder updates will be distributed weekly, and as construction operations progress.

For more information please call the project hotline at (775) 789-9832 or email For additional information and to sign-up to receive updates visit

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