July 28, 2017

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Pembroke Drive Open Next Weekend

Pembroke intersection looking south from the SouthEast Connector roadway.

Dear Stakeholder:

The SouthEast Connector Project team is quickly working to finish construction of the new Pembroke Drive intersection. Asphalt paving occurred this week, and next week the team will install guard rail, pour concrete to fill the islands, install street signage and stripe the roadway. Intersection construction is scheduled to be complete by August 6 and Pembroke Drive will be reopened. Light signals will be inactive; however, truck and equipment crossing with flagger control will resume. Thank you for your patience!

Looking east towards Hidden Valley.

Looking southwest towards the Rosewood Lakes Golf Course clubhouse.


The Road Ahead with RTC

Watch the latest Road Ahead with RTC segment below to find out more about the Huffaker Bridge that’s currently being constructed.


For more information please call the project hotline at (775) 789-9832 or email Info@SouthEastConnector.com. To sign-up to receive updates visit SouthEastConnector.com.

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