January 20, 2017

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SouthEast Connector Project Reduces Commute Times

Dear Stakeholder:

On the quickest route, it currently takes an average of 10 minutes and nearly five miles with six signalized intersections to reach South Meadows Parkway from Mira Loma Drive. Once the SouthEast Connector (Veterans Parkway) roadway opens, this commute will be approximately 2.5 miles and take less than 5 minutes.

This is just one commute benefit the project has to offer. Ultimately, the SouthEast Connector’s 5.5 miles of roadway with a posted speed limit of 45 MPH and only two signalized intersections will allow drivers to commute between Sparks and south Reno in less than 10 minutes.

The SEC roadway will also be a No Truck Route as its three connecting side streets, Pembroke Drive, Mira Loma Drive and South Meadows Parkway, are all designated No Truck Routes.

For more information please call the project hotline at (775) 789-9832 or email Info@SouthEastConnector.com. For additional information and to sign-up to receive updates visit SouthEastConnector.com

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