January 13, 2017

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SouthEast Connector Project: Post-Storm Efforts

Dear Stakeholder:

The project team has been working vigorously on cleanup efforts throughout the project area from this week’s major storm events.

Digging a ditch through the haul road at Boynton Slough to prevent any restriction and to lower the elevation of upstream water during Sunday’s storm event.

In coordination with the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP), the team collected water samples to confirm if any of the mercury contaminated soil that had been gathered and stock-piled on site has been breached from flood waters. The results of those tests will be in next week and there is no public health risk that could be caused from the potential breach. In addition, the team will also be conducting soil samples once the flood waters lower, to see if any of the mercury contaminated soil has moved, and if so, where it has moved to. These tests plus more are part of a voluntary post-storm testing protocol the project team has designed, and are in compliance with the requirements of all permits.

“Just as the rest of the community, our team had been preparing for this storm days in advance,” said RTC Project Manager Garth Oksol. “We also had several personnel on-site during the storm to ensure the project was holding the flood waters as it was designed to do”.

In preparation for the past storm and for upcoming ones, the project team has built higher berms around all 12 stock piles of mercury contaminated soil, moved all equipment and moveable materials such as portable bathrooms to higher ground, and removed the temporary box culvert at the Alexander Lake Road detour to prevent any blockage.

The team has received praise for the project’s design in a flood event from City of Sparks, Governor Brian Sandoval, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and Truckee Meadows Water Reclamation Facility.

For more information please call the project hotline at (775) 789-9832 or email Info@SouthEastConnector.com. For additional information and to sign-up to receive updates visit SouthEastConnector.com

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