December 1, 2017

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Segment One of the SouthEast Connector Receives Pavement

Paving of the northbound lanes in Segment 1.

Dear Stakeholder:

The section of roadway between South Meadows Parkway and Alexander Lake Road, referred to as Segment 1, received its first layer of pavement this week. Both northbound and southbound lanes are receiving the first five out of seven inches total of asphalt pavement. The remaining two inches will be placed prior to project completion in the spring of next year.

The team’s year-end goal is to have the first five inches of the entire roadway paved to maintain stability and durability throughout the winter months.

Stamped Concrete Design

Driving through the new Pembroke Drive and SouthEast Connector intersection, you may have noticed a distinctive pattern in the medians. This aesthetic design feature is called stamped concrete. Throughout the project, freshly poured concrete medians will be stamped with this feature to resemble a stone-like impression, and will be painted once dried. This design feature was suggested by the project’s Stakeholder Working Group to create a natural-look that blends in with the environment. The stamped concrete provides a more durable, permanent feature as opposed to decomposed granite or rock mulch.

Stamped concrete median near Pembroke Drive

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