April 20, 2018

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Striping Begins on SouthEast Connector Project

From left to right: Construction Inspector Stanley Martin holds a paint test strip showing paint thickness. Completed contrast striped left turn lanes on Greg Street.

Dear Stakeholder:

Striping operations began this week at the northern end of the project where most of construction is complete. All striping on concrete surfaces, such as the Greg St. intersection, will receive contrast markings to enhance striping visibility for drivers. During the day, especially when raining, pavement markings can be difficult to see on the light concrete surface. Contrast markings uses black paint as a base color before applying the appropriate marking color making the final product stand out against the surface.

Striping operations will continue through next week where the segment of roadway from Greg St. to Pembroke Dr. will be completed. Traffic control devices including cones and signs will remain in place until project completion this summer where the entire roadway will open to traffic at once.

 For more information please call the project hotline at (775) 789-9832 or email Info@SouthEastConnector.com.  For additional information and to sign-up to receive updates visit SouthEastConnector.com

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