Pile driving is an essential construction technique used in building bridge foundations. To support the weight of the bridge, steel pipes are driven into the ground beneath the bridge foundation. They are then filled with concrete to create the base of the entire bridge foundation. On this project, the steel piles are at least 24 inches in diameter and will be driven down approximately 20 feet or until they reach a stable layer of soil. The piles do not reach the point of bedrock.

The RTC and Granite Construction are taking several precautions to minimize the noise. Sound monitoring and noise reducing equipment will ensure noise does not exceed 70dBA (comparable to a lawn mower from 100 feet away).  The team will also closely monitor vibration to ensure there is no damage to nearby residences or businesses. 


Pile driving will take place in five locations along the length of the project totaling 650 piles.


Hours of Operation

Pile driving will be limited to normal working hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Monday through Friday. There will be no pile driving on weekends or holidays.